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Sonoma County internet marketing strategies

Sonoma County is a picturesque, visitors destination for the Wine Country, the Pacific Coastal Region and a number of desirable living locations including Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma and Sebastopol.  This brief description hardly does the area justice and locals would agree that Sonoma County has so much more to offer.  But for our purposes let us explain why Sonoma County internet marketing is important.

Google likes to organize local searches by cities and towns.  This is where the largest populations and greatest number of businesses reside.  But, Google cannot control what people search for on the internet.  Therefore, “Sonoma County” has become a common search term, because of it’s notoriety as a wine region, most likely. This has created Sonoma County internet marketing strategies.

The search term “Sonoma County” even produces a Google Map, like any city search, such as “Santa Rosa.”  Google automatically displays Google Maps for city searches as part of their search result page.  But, evidently, due to the volume of search queries for “Sonoma County” Google has facilitated a Google Map for the “Sonoma County” search result page.

Why is this important?  It’s important because “Sonoma County” is a search category and a valuable keyword to use for any business in Sonoma County even if the physical address for the business is in a city, like Santa Rosa.  People are simply using “Sonoma County” as a search term often enough that it generates leads for businesses that match the search of “Sonoma County plumbers”, for instance – or any other business category including yours.

The Sonoma County Google Map may reveal that the distance from the user and your business is too far to be useful to do business, but in many cases it will be relevant and close enough to contact for a business transaction.

“Sonoma County” shows up often in the search bar drop down menu because of the popular search volumes that have accumulated using “Sonoma County” as a location for local searches.  That alone makes it relevant and meaningful as an element of Sonoma County internet marketing strategy for any business located in beautiful Sonoma County.

Dommer Internet Marketing includes Sonoma County internet marketing strategies for their clients that reside in this region.  We only work with one company in each industry in each city in Sonoma County.  But, we include Sonoma County internet marketing strategies for everyone we work for here.

Contact us to find out how you can get an ROI of 500% using our Google Search Domination strategy, which, of course, includes Sonoma County internet marketing strategies to create additional lead generation for your business.

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