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Santa Rosa is the heart of Sonoma County in so many ways – it’s the county seat, the most populous city, the largest business community and the cultural center in what is also known as the Wine Country.

In a marketing sense there are many caveats to consider and in our case we’ll try to stick to online lead generation for Santa Rosa internet marketing for businesses.

We feel that the best way to get the most qualified leads from ready-buyers in to dominate page one of Google search results for your services and products.  You can find out more about Santa Rosa internet marketing for our clients here – Google Search Domination.

The other critical elements of Santa Rosa internet marketing involve getting the top search terms, like “santa rosa plumber”.  You have to rank #1 for this search term to get the most leads – it’s that simple.  The biggest number of leads always come from the most searched terms, which are always “your city & your industry”, like “petaluma chiropractor” or “napa dentist” or in the case of Santa Rosa it’s “santa rosa roofer” or whatever your industry name is preceded by “santa rosa”.

After you have achieved the #1 spot on Google search results for these biggest keywords you can get over 40% of all the qualified leads for your services and products as #1 in the search rankings.

The other prime spot is #1 on Google Maps.  This is achieved with SEM (search engine marketing) and SEO (search engine optimization), similar to the Santa Rosa internet marketing strategies used to gain the #1 spot in the Google rankings.  Many online shoppers want to see your location to see how long it might take you to arrive at their home to perform home services, for instance, or for them to travel to your location.

Another search term to consider is “sonoma county” in lieu of “santa rosa”.  This search term can return big numbers in leads even though Google wants to control searches within cities they can’t control what people search for and “sonoma county” is a popular search term for location.

Dommer Internet Marketing provides do-it-for-you services to obtain 60-70% of all qualified leads for these big keyword searches for Santa Rosa internet marketing .  But we only work with one company in each industry in each city – like Santa Rosa.  If you want to be at the top of the list for leads – let us know.  We want to work with the best companies or the companies that are striving to be the best – is that you?  If so, let’s talk soon about Santa Rosa internet marketing for your business.

Serving Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma County, Napa Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California and the U.S.

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