Plumbers Internet Marketing

plumbing internet marketing

Plumbers Internet Marketing is a unique service that puts you in position to get the best and most leads in your city area.  The best way to get the phone ringing is to be positioned #1 for local Google searches for your plumbing services in your city area.  The main keywords people search for are “plumber” and “plumbing” when they need a plumber.  For area designation they would type in “Santa Rosa plumber”, as an example for the city followed by the keyword search term.

Plumbers Internet Marketing has been working with plumbing companies for nearly 20 years.  When the internet became a viable marketing platform we were one of the first to use it – with plumbers!  Plumbers Internet Marketing has been the longest running division at Dommer Internet Marketing.  Every plumbing company we have worked with has attained the #1 local Google search ranking on page one of search results.  We have also achieved #1 rankings for our plumbing clients on Google Maps.

The combination of being #1 on Google search results and Google Maps has given our plumbing clients over 50% of the leads for internet searches.  This has resulted in ROIs of 500% to 1000% within 90 days in most cases.  The old adage of just being  on page one of Google search results only pays off if you are least #3 or higher.  Being below #3 results in low lead output, for example #4 only gets about 5% of the total leads from all city, plumber searches.

We have the experience in the plumbing industry to write, market, strategize and position our plumbing clients in the top money spot on the internet for local plumbing companies.  We also use video marketing and social media platforms that include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others to tell our plumbing clients story.  This does two things, 1) It helps with SEO to get your plumbing to the top of the local Google rankings and, 2) it helps your company connect with customers, prospects and leads in a friendly and informative way.

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