Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing

To begin this discussion we must assume that internet marketing is now mobile marketing.  Your website must conform to all of the media platforms now.  Your website must be clearly visible, readable and responsive on conventional desktop and laptops.  The same goes for any mobile device including tablets and mobile phones now used to access the internet.

When your website is mobile friendly you’re in the game.  Now you need to apply winning mobile marketing strategies to grow your business and your profits.

Having the correct infrastructure for internet and mobile marketing is about 20% of what you need to gain customers and profits for your business.  This includes and your social media set up with Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter.  You also need an opt-in offer for your website to capture leads with a coupon offer or special report that explains your products and/or services.  This will also build an email list for future marketing and sales to your list with special offers or discounts.

The other 80% is comprised of your mobile marketing strategies to make your mobile marketing infrastructure work successfully producing profit gains of 20-25% or more depending on your sales execution.  The leads will be generated from the mobile marketing strategies to make it possible for you to close as many as you possibly can and up-sell when it benefits your customers.  This is where Dommer Internet Marketing comes in.  We can coach you or your marketing manager or provide you with do-it-for-you-services, setting everything up and executing mobile marketing strategies while conferring with you to make sure we deliver the best messaging and get the best results  for you and your business.

Mobile marketing also gives you to capacity to receive leads from text responses from customers, who prefer this method of communication.  You are simply giving them the opportunity to communicate with the method they are most comfortable with.

Voice-mail follow up is also available when appropriate. Video marketing is also a strategic element that promotes you as the expert in your field to your prospects and future customers.

These are some of the basic mobile marketing strategy outlines implemented by Dommer & Associates to help you and your business obtain new lead generation, new customers and bigger profits.

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