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Local Google Search Domination is an internet marketing strategy created by Dommer Internet Marketing.  Local Google Search Domination is a marketing strategy applied to local business companies within the city or cities where they are located.  Online Local Google Search Domination is a great way for local businesses to acquire leads and turn them into new customers.

Local Google Search Domination features content marketing.  Dommer Internet Marketing uses a combination of keyword research, SEO, SEM and video marketing to create content marketing that positions our clients at the #1 spot on page one of local search.  Our clients also enjoy the #1 spot on Google Maps.  We have also been able to achieve the #2 spot on page one with a Yelp listing. This Yelp listing is directly linked to their exclusive Yelp business page.

The combination of the #1 and #2 spots on page one of local Google search listings gives our clients 60% of the click throughs from local search to their website.  In addition to the 60% click through rate many shoppers just call our clients directly from the their Google listing without even going to their website.

Client Exclusivity for Local Google Search Domination

Perhaps the most important part of Local Google Search Domination is that Dommer Internet Marketing works with only one client in each business niche per city.  For example, we only work with one chiropractor in Santa Rosa.  We only work with one plumber in Petaluma.  We only work with one business in each industry in each city.

The reason for this client exclusivity is that we want to give each one of our clients the full value of our efforts and expertise. We don’t want to compete against ourselves with two clients who compete in the same industry niche in the same city.  Only one client can dominate the local organic Google search in each industry niche in each city.  Just as only one race horse can win the Kentucky Derby – only one business can dominate a local organic Google search result.

Call us at 707-928-0400 or us the contact form below to find out how your business can dominate the local organic Google search results with over 60% of the leads from those searches.

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