Pleasing Google Helps Your Google Search Ranking

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What Google Search Wants

I’m not terribly religious, but when it comes to getting a website ranked #1 globally or locally you must “worship” or at least please the Google Search Gods. In other words when you write content on your website pages or blog posts write for your readers and write for Google search. Knowing that Google search wants informative, relevant and helpful information should inspire you to write that way.

The very essence and strength of Google search is to inform their users with the best information possible. When you do a Google search aren’t you expecting, or at least hoping for, the very best result to your search? Well, so is Google! Why? Because it gives them credibility, reputation and loyal users or fans that rely on Google search to answer any question they may have on any subject.

Content Matters

The same guidelines translate to your business website. When somebody types in your keywords in the search box they are likely looking for information that you or somebody similar to you offer. The information they find may or may not lead to a sale for the business website they have chosen; usually it’s the #1 business on page one of their Google search that gets the first shot or opportunity. So, you must strive to have the most informative and useful information in your website and blog content if you want to get and keep the #1 spot on page one of Google searches.

YouTube and Google+

A couple of other things to remember about pleasing Google to reach the top of the Google rankings are YouTube and Google+. We know that Google owns YouTube and Google+, don’t we?  So, that automatically tells us that it’s important to include YouTube videos and Google+ content if we want to please Google search with more informative content, doesn’t it?  Posting and sharing YouTube videos on your social media network, which should include Twitter and Facebook, can really make Google search happy, especially if your YouTube videos are as informative and helpful as your written content.

Dommer Internet Marketing

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YouTube videos for FAQs & SAQs

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YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a great marketing tool for your business.  You can use it in a variety of ways.  Here’s one of the best strategies.  We use this in our Local Internet Leads Machine.

Your company has a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Question) that customers ask over and over.  You can make a list of 5 or even 10 of the most frequently asked questions and make short (1 to 3 minute) YouTube videos that ask and answer these questions.

All of your FAQ videos should originate from your YouTube page.  That is where you upload them first when you’re finished making the videos.  When you post them anywhere on the internet they are YouTube videos.

You can post these FAQ videos on your website with a few on the home page and titled links to more of your FAQs posted on a video page on your website.  You can also make social site posts with your YouTube videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other social sites you may have in your network.

YouTube Videos

Your YouTube videos give you good SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) because Google measures the number of views and time spent watching to determine viewer value and relevance.  Since Google owns YouTube this makes your videos very powerful in ranking your website for organic local search.

Your YouTube videos build familiarity and credibility with your customers.  Which brings us to SAQs (Should Ask Questions).  These are the questions your customers should ask, but don’t ask.  SAQs are based on your knowledge base and expertise in your business services and products.  5 or 10 SAQs should be made to go along with your FAQs.  Make them two separate categories or playlists for the full effect.

SAQs establish you as the expert in your field.  SAQs and the answers you give provide your customer with the extra mile of customer service and guidance to get the most out their purchase of your services and products.  You become the “go to’ person in your industry.  Your expertise factor is valued most by your best customers.  These are the customers that stay with you and spend more over a longer period of time.

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Santa Rosa Blogging

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Santa Rosa businesses that want to dominate Google local search for Santa Rosa need to be Santa Rosa blogging.  What does this mean?  Whether you have an in-house blogger or hire a social media manager or blogger they need to blog about Santa Rosa.  This is really important for a number of reasons.

First of all, if you want to attract more customers from the Santa Rosa area you need to connect with Santa Rosa online.  When you write or blog about local Santa Rosa subjects you attract potential customers from Santa Rosa.  This could be an element of knowledge that you have about Santa Rosa that relates to a customer challenge.  An example would a Santa Rosa plumber, who is expertly aware of plumbing and building codes for Santa Rosa and Sonoma County.

When a Santa Rosa plumber is Santa Rosa blogging about a new Santa Rosa water ordinance or law it not only alerts a customer, it sets you apart as an expert on the subject.  Your value goes up in the eyes of your potential or current customers.

When a Santa Rosa business has a Facebook page with a local following of loyal fans and customers they can re-post a blog entry to keep them in the loop.  This informs them and reminds them that you are the expert.

Santa Rosa blogging also means blogging about about your Santa Rosa business’ history or connection with Santa Rosa.  This is a great way to start a relationship with a new customer, who values local businesses.

Santa Rosa blogging can include your YouTube videos.  Your YouTube videos should answer questions that customers have about their challenges.  An example would be a Santa Rosa plumber, who answers a question about the effect of hard water on a water heater.  When a potential customer sees your video that addresses the challenge they are having – a connection is made.  This connection becomes a lead and can become a customer with a phone call.

If you’d like to know about Santa Rosa blogging or our Santa Rosa Internet Leads Machine  and how we can create a funnel for your business with ready-to-buy customers – call us at 707-928-0400.  Or fill out the contact form below.

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YouTube – You Own a TV Station!

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If someone told you that you own a television station what would you say?  Maybe something like,  “Yeah, right, would you like to jump into my Rolls Royce and go visit it?” or “Do I look like Ted Turner to you?”  Well, you probably don’t, but within a few minutes you could be building a YouTube Channel to broadcast video to the world!  And the YouTube Channel you build is absolutely free!  So, in the few minutes it takes you to set up your YouTube account for your channel – you “own it” and it’s yours to use – for free!

So, OK, you own a video channel, but it’s much more powerful in reach and scope than any little old television station or better yet – it’s potentially more powerful than a television network like ABC, NBC or CBS!  Why?  Because you can broadcast anywhere in the world to anyone who has a mobile phone!  And you can build this YouTube Channel on your mobile phone and then within minutes you can record a video and upload it to your YouTube Channel for the world to see!

OK, so maybe everyone in the world isn’t going to instantly view your video, but what if you syndicate it?  You didn’t know that you also own a worldwide syndication platform that will carry your video to millions of subscribers, did you?  As soon you set up your free accounts with these broadcast platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest and many more, if you feel like it, you can upload that YouTube video you made to these broadcast platforms within another few minutes.

Why do think people joke about cats owning YouTube?  It’s because people or friends of the person that made the cute or funny cat video see it on their YouTube Channel – when they subscribe – and then they “share” it with their “Friends” on Facebook or Twitter and those friends then share it with their friends and, as they say, it goes viral with thousands or millions of views.

Did you know you can also use these free broadcast platforms for your business?  Of course you did – so what are you waiting for?  We think we know…You just don’t know how to go about it in the best way to help your business, right?  But, you do have an idea of what you would like to tell people.  You do have your story, right?  You also have a product or service that people need.  They just don’t know about you – yet.

So, why not hire somebody, who is qualified, to run your broadcast platform and spread the word to new people, who don’t know about you yet?

That’s where Dommer Internet Marketing comes in.  We can can help you figure this out, because it’s what we do.  Call us now to find out more about about your free television station – YouTube and YouTube marketing for your business.

BTW, we’re not free, but we’re reasonably priced and we know how to help make you more profitable with internet marketing.  Call us at 707-928-0400 or use the contact form below to find out more about how YouTube and social media marketing can create lead generation and more profits for your business.

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