Summit Technology Group of Santa Rosa

Summit Technology Group

Dommer Internet Marketing is happy to announce that we are now working with Summit Technology Group of Santa Rosa, Ca. This marketing project includes a new WordPress website that will be integrated with Summit’s social media network, which includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and over 50 other business listing sites.  Dommer Internet Marketing will engage their Local Internet Leads Machine strategy for Summit Technology Group.

Summit Technology Group

Summit Technology Group will be expanding their social media network to reach new customers in Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Petaluma, Sonoma County, Napa Valley and Marin County. Erica Brown, Summit’s Public Relations and Logistics Manager will head the in-house content creation for the website’s blog and social posts. Video marketing will also be a featured on Summit’s YouTube channel.

Summit Electric, Inc. was founded in 1968 by Richard Dashiell. His son, Laurence (Larry), was 10 years old when he began working with his father. Larry Dashiell, owner and CEO of Summit Technology Group, is a true entrepreneur, having added three more divisions to the company; Summit Electrical Service, 24/7 Residential and Commercial Electrical Service, Summit Electronic Systems, Electronics and Systems Integration and Summit Solar – Design/Build of Commercial and Residential Solar Systems.

Summit’s Four Divisions

1) Summit Electric, Inc. is a full service electrical contractor with more than 45 years of experience in the commercial, industrial, institutional, residential, and design/build markets.

2) Summit Electronic Systems provides complete project services for electronic systems including home theater, lighting control, audio/video, total control or automation, security and surveillance, voice and data networks and boardroom systems.

3) Summit Solar designs, installs and provides complete service for solar array projects, which they have been installing since 1990. Leasing is available and the government rebate programs are still available.

4) Summit Electrical Service is the residential and commercial service division. Complete home and business electrical system remodels, new circuits, troubleshooting and all other electrical services are available to customers in Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties.

Summit Technology Group had reported revenues of over 11 million dollars according to the 2014 North Bay Biz 500.

If you are interesting in finding out how Dommer Internet Marketing can get your company a RIO of 500-1000% with their Local Internet Leads Machine call 707-928-0400 or use the contact form below.

Serving Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma County, Napa Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California and the U.S.

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Pleasing Google Helps Your Google Search Ranking

Google, Google search, Google+,

What Google Search Wants

I’m not terribly religious, but when it comes to getting a website ranked #1 globally or locally you must “worship” or at least please the Google Search Gods. In other words when you write content on your website pages or blog posts write for your readers and write for Google search. Knowing that Google search wants informative, relevant and helpful information should inspire you to write that way.

The very essence and strength of Google search is to inform their users with the best information possible. When you do a Google search aren’t you expecting, or at least hoping for, the very best result to your search? Well, so is Google! Why? Because it gives them credibility, reputation and loyal users or fans that rely on Google search to answer any question they may have on any subject.

Content Matters

The same guidelines translate to your business website. When somebody types in your keywords in the search box they are likely looking for information that you or somebody similar to you offer. The information they find may or may not lead to a sale for the business website they have chosen; usually it’s the #1 business on page one of their Google search that gets the first shot or opportunity. So, you must strive to have the most informative and useful information in your website and blog content if you want to get and keep the #1 spot on page one of Google searches.

YouTube and Google+

A couple of other things to remember about pleasing Google to reach the top of the Google rankings are YouTube and Google+. We know that Google owns YouTube and Google+, don’t we?  So, that automatically tells us that it’s important to include YouTube videos and Google+ content if we want to please Google search with more informative content, doesn’t it?  Posting and sharing YouTube videos on your social media network, which should include Twitter and Facebook, can really make Google search happy, especially if your YouTube videos are as informative and helpful as your written content.

Dommer Internet Marketing

If you’d like to know more about how to strategize your internet marketing to get to the top of page one of Google searches for your business niche in your city – call us now at 707-928-0400 or use the content form below.

Serving Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma County, Napa Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California and the U.S.

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YouTube videos for FAQs & SAQs

YouTube, YouTube videos, YouTube marketing, seo, online lead generation, internet lead generation

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a great marketing tool for your business.  You can use it in a variety of ways.  Here’s one of the best strategies.  We use this in our Local Internet Leads Machine.

Your company has a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Question) that customers ask over and over.  You can make a list of 5 or even 10 of the most frequently asked questions and make short (1 to 3 minute) YouTube videos that ask and answer these questions.

All of your FAQ videos should originate from your YouTube page.  That is where you upload them first when you’re finished making the videos.  When you post them anywhere on the internet they are YouTube videos.

You can post these FAQ videos on your website with a few on the home page and titled links to more of your FAQs posted on a video page on your website.  You can also make social site posts with your YouTube videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other social sites you may have in your network.

YouTube Videos

Your YouTube videos give you good SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) because Google measures the number of views and time spent watching to determine viewer value and relevance.  Since Google owns YouTube this makes your videos very powerful in ranking your website for organic local search.

Your YouTube videos build familiarity and credibility with your customers.  Which brings us to SAQs (Should Ask Questions).  These are the questions your customers should ask, but don’t ask.  SAQs are based on your knowledge base and expertise in your business services and products.  5 or 10 SAQs should be made to go along with your FAQs.  Make them two separate categories or playlists for the full effect.

SAQs establish you as the expert in your field.  SAQs and the answers you give provide your customer with the extra mile of customer service and guidance to get the most out their purchase of your services and products.  You become the “go to’ person in your industry.  Your expertise factor is valued most by your best customers.  These are the customers that stay with you and spend more over a longer period of time.

Call us at 707-928-0400 or go here to learn more and how you can get a 500% ROI with your own Local Internet Lead Machine.

Serving Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma County, Napa Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California and the U.S.

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Santa Rosa Internet Leads Machine

santa rosa internet marketing, santa rosa Google rankings, santa rosa local keywords, santa rosa seo, santa rosa google search, santa rosa social media, santa rosa online lead generation, santa rosa blogging, Santa Rosa internet leads machine

 Google Search Domination

The very best way to get new local customers on the internet in Santa Rosa or any other city is from organic search.  Why do you think there are so many SEO companies?  It’s why we use our Google Search Domination search to position our clients #1 on page one of Google.  It’s part of our Santa Rosa Internet Leads Machine.

Not Just SEO

We’re not just an SEO company that promises “on page one” results.  We could do that in our sleep, but it’s not worth that much.  It’s like a horse race – winner take all.  The business that is #1 on page one of Google gets 35-40% of the click throughs to their website.  Plus they get non-click leads where ready-to-buy customers just call their phone number from their Google listing.


To build a super Santa Rosa internet leads machine for our clients we also add PowerListings to the mix.  Once again, we use Santa Rosa as our example, but we have done this and will continue to do it in other cities as well.

PowerListings gives your business a detailed listing on over 50 business listing sites including CityMaps, Citysearch, MerchantCircle and White & Yellow Pages.   Search engines Bing and Yahoo are also part of PowerListings.  Facebook and Yelp, the biggest review site on the web, are included in PowerListings.  These local internet business listings are all part of your Santa Rosa Internet Leads Machine for your business.

Social Media Network

We also use video marketing on your YouTube Channel, which is part of the social media network we set up for your business.  It also includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Yelp.  We use the videos as lead magnets and post the videos on the mentioned social sites for exposure.  The source of additional content comes from the blog we set up or continue with if you have one.

Santa Rosa Internet Leads Machine

Call us at 707-928-0400 to find out more about our Google Search Domination and your Santa Rosa Internet Leads Machine that produces a 500% ROI. Go here to scan your business and see how it looks across the internet for your service area.

Serving Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma County, Napa Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California and the U.S.

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Local Internet Business Listings

Santa Rosa SEO, Santa Rosa social media, SEO & SEM, PowerListings, local internet business listings

If you’re a local business trying to get leads, sales and customers on the internet you have to have visibility.  Ready-to-buy customers are looking for a company in your industry every day. If they don’t see you there’s no chance for the sale.  You need to be in your local internet business listings.

Here’s a quick way to see how your business looks on local internet business listings.  Your information will not be saved or shared.

Scan Your Business


In today’s competitive marketplace, when it comes to information, people expect nothing less than precision. When it derails a night out or delays an important purchase, misinformation can turn a loyal customer into a hater 4 life. But precision can be elusive when information about your brand appears in so many discrete destinations.

What if you could not only ensure that info is consistent and up-to-date, but also utilize every place your brand appears online — even places you don’t own — to create new opportunities for marketing and customer engagement?
Analyze, identify, and control existing listings of your locations through our unique publisher network, so all of your content is locked, synced, and updated across every digital channel.

PowerListings Network

Just what it says: A network of powerful listings. Over 60 leading publishers, integrated with the most established search engines, local service sites, and mapping apps. Experience the advantage of tapping into our powerful network of publisher-level connections, 220 million users, 60+ leading publishers, 1 place.

Local Internet Business Listings

Local internet business listings like CityMaps, Citysearch, MerchantCircle and White & Yellow Pages are just a few of the PowerListing sites.  Search engines Bing and Yahoo are also part of PowerListings.  Facebook and Yelp, the biggest review site on the web, are included in PowerListings.  These local internet business listings are all lead generating sites for your business.

Google Search Domination

Dommer Internet Marketing combines PowerListings with Google Search Domination to deliver a 500% ROI to our local business clients.  We only work with one business in each industry in each city.  We position your business in the #1 spot on page one of Google and #1 on Google Maps to capture over 60% of the leads for local searches for your industry in your city.

Call 707-928-0400 now or click here to find out more about PowerListings and Google Search Domination.

Serving Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma County, Napa Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California and the U.S.


Check Your Internet Presence Here!

local internet leads machine. local internet leads, google search domination, seo, santa rosa, ca, online lead generation, Santa Rosa internet leads machine
Internet Presence

Your internet presence is the visibility and accessibility of your business website, your social media network, videos and any other points of influence your business has on the internet.

For a local business with the goal of internet lead generation the most coveted internet presence is #1 on page one of Google for the search for “your city, your industry .”  As an example, that would be “santa rosa chiropractor” or “chiropractor santa rosa” or any other industry and city depending on your exact location.

Google search

Business owners will occasionally do a Google search for “their city, their industry” to see how they rank.  The problem with this is that the active browser they are using saves cache and cookies from websites they frequent occasionally.  What does this mean?  It means if you’ve visited your website for any reason previously it will probably come up as #1 on this Google search.

The business owner thinks his business is #1 on page one of Google, but this isn’t true.  Google has simply helped you find your website easily by placing your website at the top of page one!  Underneath your website listing you’ll see a note from Google that says, “you’ve visited this website (on the date) or the number of times you’ve visited it, “you’ve visited this website 4 times”.  You see this under the first listing for our website directly below here.

internet presence, seo, santa rosa, sonoma county, petaluma, napa


The best way to check your true internet presence or in this case your local ranking is to use Google’s Chrome browser and incognito window – this link takes you to a page that will help you do a simple install.  If you’re serious about getting new customers from local internet searches this is important!  It could also be discouraging when you find out that your website is on page 5 for a search for “your city,your industry.”

Call us at (707) 928-0400 to find out more about our Google Search Domination that has yielded a 500% ROI for our clients in local internet ready-to-buy customers!

Serving Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma County, Napa Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California and the U.S.

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SEO, SMO, SEM & SERP – Crash Course

internet marketing, seo, sem, smo, serp, lead generation

Crash Course

This quick SEO, SMO, SEM & SERP Crash Course is intended to give you a simple understanding of internet marketing and lead generation.  The goal is to explain where the money is for your local business online.


Where’s the money?  The simple answer is local organic search.  Why?  Because that’s where most people search for local businesses with products and services.  The SERP is the “search engine result page.”  The goal is to be #1 on page one of the Google SERP.  That’s the big money spot, period.

Organic search is the most used channel on the internet.  People searching for a business service or products are ready-to- buy.  That makes organic search the most desirable lead generation source for local businesses.

Up to 35-40% of users click through to the website of the #1 business on a local search for any industry in your city. it drops to 15-20% for #2 and the #3 spot gets 8-10% on page one.  From #4 down to #10 it falls to 5% down to 1%.


The old school SEO strategy was to optimize your website with your businesses keywords.  Backlinks from influential websites to your website was, and still is, a another basic SEO strategy.  SEO is still necessary, but content, images, videos and the syndication of these elements across the social media landscape have expanded the SEO strategies in today’s internet marketplace.

It’s time to move past the time honored, over used and misunderstood internet term SEO.  It’s the most used and probably the only internet term most people know.  This crash course is intended to get you thinking about three “new” terms.  We’ve covered SERP.  The SERP being page one on the local Google search.  Think of the SERP as the money page.  It’s meaningful and easy to remember.


For our purposes SMO (social media optimization) connects your social media network with your website. SMO uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and other social media to carry your messages, images and videos to more potential customers on the internet.  The initial setup involves SMO, which is similar to SEO for your website.  It’s an ongoing process.


SEM stands for “search engine marketing” and due to the internet’s changes over the last 5 years SEM has become the difference maker.  With the advent and sudden proliferation of social media SEM has become our main focus of internet marketing.  We use mainly video marketing, blogs, images and social posts.  PPC (pay per click) is another form of SEM, but we rarely use this unless we are testing an offer.

Think of it this way.  SEO is your ante to get in the game. SMO is your draw.  SEM is your strategy to win the game.  SERP is the pot.  No bluffing. Winner take all.

To find out more about a 500% ROI with our Google Search Domination strategies call us at 707-928-0400 or fill out the form below.

Serving Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma County, Napa Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California and the U.S.

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We Don’t Like SEO Companies, either…

SEO Companies?

Are you as tired as we are from hearing the term, SEO?  How about SEO Companies?  And SEO Companies that promise that they can get you on page one of Google?

The term SEO has been around for about 10 years.  It stands for “search engine optimization”.  It was the first internet marketing term that was spread around into the business community.  It defines the process of optimizing your website so people can find you on the internet.  The original process included optimizing keywords that described who you were and what your business did.

Basic SEO

The basics of SEO also include the basic info of your business.  Displaying your business name, address and phone number in the footer of each page of your website was essential.  Another big play for SEO companies was, and still is for many, creating backlinks.

Backlinks are links from influential websites in, or related to, your company and/or your industry.  The theory here is that if big time websites with name recognition and a lot of traffic link to your website it would act as a recommendation or validation of your website and your business.

Then Google will reward your website with a higher ranking if you have enough of these backlinks.  The truth is Google cares way more about your YouTube video marketing and posts on Google+.  Why?  First of all, Google owns these two social media websites.  Second, YouTube and Google+ have reviews, sharing and a shelf life that you can control.  Backlinks are somewhat outdated and certainly weaker than Google properties for these obvious reasons.

The Hollow Promise of SEO Companies

The promise of SEO companies that they will get you on page one of Google using mainly these tactics is what we don’t like.  It’s outdated and unless you are #1 on page one of Google you won’t get what you paid for even if it’s a low ball price.  We consistently clobber all of the SEO companies we go up against.

Dommer internet Marketing

These basics website optimizations are still valid, but SEO is about 10% of what we do.  We are an internet marketing company.  Our internet marketing includes effective website content, a social media network for your company, video marketing, email marketing and crafted digital messages scheduled and launched to interact with prospects and customers.

Our bottom line of internet marketing is aligned with your bottom line for your business.  We have provided the very best lead generation for our business clients that has resulted in 500% ROI for them.

Our Google Search Domination strategy positions our clients in the #1 spot on Google searches for their city, their industry and their products and services.  It also positions our clients #1 on Google Maps in their city.  We only work with one client per city, per industry.  Could that be you?  If so, call us at 707-928-0400 or fill out the contact form below and let’s talk!

Serving Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma County, Napa Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California and the U.S.

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Santa Rosa Blogging

santa rosa internet marketing, santa rosa Google rankings, santa rosa local keywords, santa rosa seo, santa rosa google search, santa rosa social media, santa rosa online lead generation, santa rosa blogging, Santa Rosa internet leads machine

Santa Rosa businesses that want to dominate Google local search for Santa Rosa need to be Santa Rosa blogging.  What does this mean?  Whether you have an in-house blogger or hire a social media manager or blogger they need to blog about Santa Rosa.  This is really important for a number of reasons.

First of all, if you want to attract more customers from the Santa Rosa area you need to connect with Santa Rosa online.  When you write or blog about local Santa Rosa subjects you attract potential customers from Santa Rosa.  This could be an element of knowledge that you have about Santa Rosa that relates to a customer challenge.  An example would a Santa Rosa plumber, who is expertly aware of plumbing and building codes for Santa Rosa and Sonoma County.

When a Santa Rosa plumber is Santa Rosa blogging about a new Santa Rosa water ordinance or law it not only alerts a customer, it sets you apart as an expert on the subject.  Your value goes up in the eyes of your potential or current customers.

When a Santa Rosa business has a Facebook page with a local following of loyal fans and customers they can re-post a blog entry to keep them in the loop.  This informs them and reminds them that you are the expert.

Santa Rosa blogging also means blogging about about your Santa Rosa business’ history or connection with Santa Rosa.  This is a great way to start a relationship with a new customer, who values local businesses.

Santa Rosa blogging can include your YouTube videos.  Your YouTube videos should answer questions that customers have about their challenges.  An example would be a Santa Rosa plumber, who answers a question about the effect of hard water on a water heater.  When a potential customer sees your video that addresses the challenge they are having – a connection is made.  This connection becomes a lead and can become a customer with a phone call.

If you’d like to know about Santa Rosa blogging or our Santa Rosa Internet Leads Machine  and how we can create a funnel for your business with ready-to-buy customers – call us at 707-928-0400.  Or fill out the contact form below.

Serving Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma County, Napa Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California and the U.S.

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Santa Rosa Social Review Site

Yelp reviews, Santa Rosa Social Review Site

A Santa Rosa social review site could be any social review site that is used to search for Santa Rosa business services or products.  There are many social review sites on the internet, but for this article we will concentrate of the biggest and most powerful lead generation social review site – Yelp.

Yelp and other social review sites all become a Santa Rosa social review site for businesses located in Santa Rosa.  We could also call this “Santa Rosa social media.”  Yelp ranks businesses by type or niche in each city they are located in.  In other words when you need a plumber in Santa Rosa and you want a good one you might use Yelp to do your online search.  When you search Santa Rosa for any business, product or service Yelp becomes a Santa Rosa social review site.

When your Yelp SERP (search engine results page) appears with Santa Rosa plumbers they are ranked from 1-10 on page one.  This is similar to Google SERPs where businesses are also ranked 1-10 on page one.  The difference is Yelp uses reviews as a big part of their formula or algorithm to rank Santa Rosa plumbers.  The #1 top ranked Santa Rosa plumber most likely will have the best reviews.

Yelp is a great source of lead generation for companies that optimize their Yelp business sites properly and, of course, get good reviews.  Another benefit of setting up an optimized your Yelp business page is that it helps in your overall search ranking for the big search engine, Google.  Yes, Google takes into account all of your business’ online presence and activity including review sites like Yelp.

Yelp is the most powerful and useful Santa Rosa social review site for businesses located in Santa Rosa.  On the Google SERP Yelp usually has a very high listing on page one that reveals all the plumbers, or chiropractors or dentists when that search is completed.  The Yelp listing reads “plumbers in Santa Rosa” or “chiropractors in Santa Rosa” or whatever industry is searched.

When a user clicks on this Yelp link it takes them to the top 10 ranking on page one of the Yelp SERP (search engine results page).  Yelp is a search engine, so to speak, with business reviews as it’s niche.  Yelp is a great lead generation site.  Which makes it important to properly optimize your Yelp business site – and get good reviews.

If you would like to know more about Santa Rosa social review sites and how to optimize your Yelp business page contact us using the form below or call us at 707-928-0400.  You could get a 500% ROI with over 60-70% of the leads for online searches for your industry, services and products working with us.  Dommer Internet Marketing has developed the Santa Rosa Internet Leads Machine for you and your Santa Rosa business.

Serving Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma County, Napa Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California and the U.S.