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Local SEO

Our Local SEO Leads Machine is replacing the former Local Internet Leads Machine. The product has been improved, as it always is on an ongoing basis.  The name change has been made to insure more interested business owners can find us on the internet.
You see, SEO is a main search word that businesses use to find internet marketing companies that can help them with SEO. SEO, in our minds, is an overused, misunderstood moniker that most business owners can identify as a process to improve their internet visibility. SEO has been soiled by a plethora of SEO companies that have not really helped businesses with their internet presence.

Local SEO
Sorting through local SEO companies to find the right one is an arduous chore.  It has as many pitfalls as it does rewards. So, the challenge of distinguishing yourself as a top-rate local SEO company falls directly on us.  We welcome the challenge. In short, there are good, poor, average and great local SEO companies.  We strive to be the former in a big way.
We work with only one business in each eligible industry within the city the business is located. We do everything within our power and within the “white hat” SEO business practices to help our clients reach the number one ranking on page one of Google. We focus on the main keyword searches for the business.  We pursue those to insure that customers can find exactly what they are looking for.  And, in turn, become a buyer of products and/or services they find – you.
Google Maps is the other ranking we pursue for our clients. A number one ranking in Google Maps is a great sidekick to being number one in organic search results. We do not guarantee a number one ranking in either category, but we have been able to achieve it with all of our local clients.

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